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The 3 Day Lyme Reboot

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Why Healing Crashes

Energy Blocks

The constant strain of being sick combined with uncertainty, confusion, and frustration can lock the body into patterns which prevent healing.

Genetic Blocks

Taking a deep dive into your genetics and hacking your DNA is an important tool to gain insight into what pathways may be blocked preventing healing. 

Treatment Blocks

Off-the-shelf solutions can help many people, but sometimes they are not targeted enough, either missing or adding ingredients not suited for your unique condition. 

Reboot Your Healing

Join me for a three day residential Lyme reboot where I will guide you in a one-on-one setting through powerful acupuncture treatments, genetic nutrition counseling, sauna sessions, ionic detox foot baths, and custom blending of essential oil remedies. 

Thursday - Day 0

Arrive in Clinton, NY and get settled and rested for your Reboot. We have several housing options to fit your requirements including a lovely B&B located steps from my clinic.

Friday - Day 1

Morning: External Dragons acupuncture session, sauna and quiet time.
Afternoon: foot detox and Internal Dragons acupuncture session.

Saturday - Day 2

Morning: Aggressive Energy acupuncture session, sauna and quiet time.
Afternoon: foot detox and Entry/Exit Blocks acupuncture session.

Sunday - Day 3

Morning: Energy building acupuncture session, genetic nutrition consult.
Afternoon: Depart Clinton, NY.


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