Lena Prisco, Ph.D.

Lena Prisco moved to Martha’s Vineyard with her partner Arlene in 2007. At first she continued to work as vice president for the pharmaceutical company Paraxel, but soon took a job closer to home as a Lab Technician at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. In 2011 Lena became the Hospital’s Lab Director, where she took steps to bring Lyme Disease testing in-house. In 2011, the lab did 301,580 tests Since then she has expanded the lab to better serve physicians and the people who live on Martha’s Vineyard.

Last year she co-founded the Vineyard Center for Clinical Research, which aims to improve Lyme Disease diagnosis. She also works on expanding the Lyme disease research infrastructure through data collection, trials, urging people to report their cases of Lyme to the CDC.


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Some of my favorite interviews are with people just like you who are figuring out how to navigate life with Lyme. The wisdom, grace and humor that people display is why I call them Lyme Ninjas. They have developed extraordinary skills and experience and are always willing to share what they have learned. Lyme disease can be a harsh teacher, but it also can uncover the best in people. I love listening and I know you will too. Below are the most recent Lyme Ninja interviews.