Karen Smith – Co-Founder, Red Shoe Day

In 2009 Karen came down with a case of Bells Palsy, after months of ineffective treatment and trips to specialists, a suggestion that her symptoms might be due to an underlying autoimmune disorder, which inspired her to do more research and the discovery of Lyme and Lyme symptoms in July 2010.

Nowadays Karen is working to help the people of Australia learn about Lyme disease and other invisible illnesses. She created the Lyme Australia: Recognition & Awareness website, a co-creator of the Global Lyme and invisible illness website, and the co-creator of Red Shoe day.

Red Shoe Day is such a lovely and gentle way to pause and remember. I hope you’ll mark it on your calendar every year.


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Meet Other Lyme Ninja’s

Some of my favorite interviews are with people just like you who are figuring out how to navigate life with Lyme. The wisdom, grace and humor that people display is why I call them Lyme Ninjas. They have developed extraordinary skills and experience and are always willing to share what they have learned. Lyme disease can be a harsh teacher, but it also can uncover the best in people. I love listening and I know you will too.

Below are the most recent Lyme Ninja interviews.

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