Lyme Experts

Learn about Lyme and how to care for your health from our Lyme experts. There are interviews on everything from neurofeedback to Pilates. If you are looking for answers, this is a good place to start.

The Ninja Interviews

The Lyme Ninjas are everyday people just like you who are battling against Lyme. Their stories are inspirational and educational. They connect us together and let us know we are not alone on this journey back to health.


Lyme Ninja Radio is a podcast for and about people with Lyme Disease. It's produced by acupuncturist, Mackay Rippey and his daughter, Aurora. Together they bring you Master Classes with the latest treatment options  as well as interviews with people like you, the Lyme Ninjas who are battling Lyme every day. Be sure to sign up for our insiders mailing list.

Master Classes

Every month we gather experts and dive into a health topic related to Lyme disease. We release these lessons daily for three to five days so that you can retain the information and not have to go back and listen again just to refresh your memory.

Lyme Ninja Library

This is the whole enchilada. Every episode, every lesson, every podcast is here for you to browse through. You never know what nugget of information or inspiration you will find in the Lyme Ninja Library.