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#5: Lyme Expert – Dr. Alan MacDonald – Pathologist

Episode #5 features Dr. Alan B. MacDonald, a pathologist who has participated in research activities related to tick-borne diseases since 1981. He was the first investigator to publish images of Borrelia spirochetes without regular corkscrew shape in 1987. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in...

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#6: Lyme Expert – Jenny Rush – Author

Episode 6 Features Jenny Rush. After a number of years of chronic Lyme disease she experienced a shift of allegiance from mind to heart, and her journey took a left turn through illness and into a vibrant life of well being. It was sometimes a bumpy and messy trip through the illness, but the silent...

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#7: Lyme Expert – Eva Sapi, Ph.D. – Researcher

Episode 7 features Eva Sapi, Ph.D. an associate professor of Biology and Environmental Science at New Haven University. She joined the University of New Haven faculty in 2001. Sapi grew up in Hungary and earned her Ph.D. in genetics at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest before coming to the United States for postdoctoral training in...

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#8: Lyme Expert – Peter Aquilina – Deer Defence

Episode 8 features Peter Aquilina, owner and founder of Deer Defence located in Seymour, CT. In 1998, Peter got interested in Lyme and other tick borne diseases and has been a pioneer in the deer abatement. Not only does Peter sell fencing, but he understands the psychology of deer, what attracts them to your neighborhood...

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#10: Lyme Expert – Greg Lee, L.Ac. – Acupuncture

Episode 10 features Greg Lee, M.Ac., L.Ac. acupuncturist and Lyme specialist, founder of Two Frogs Healing Center and He has been treating Lyme for 15 years, using his experience in acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Craniosacral technique, and Suffi Healing to help people conquer their disease.

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#9: Lyme Expert – Mara Williams, NP – Author, Nature’s Dirty Needle

Episode 9 features Mara Williams, NP author of Nature’s Dirty Needle. Mara s a board certified nurse practitioner. With 30 years as a health care provider, she has developed an expertise in functional, nutritional medicine; blending pharmaceuticals with nutraceuticals, utilizing science and nutrition to its best advantage to get the optimal effect and outcome. She...

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