Episode #10 features Greg Lee, M.Ac., L.Ac. acupuncturist and Lyme specialist, founder of Two Frogs Healing Center and GoodbyeLyme.com.  He has been treating Lyme for 15 years, using his experience in acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Craniosacral technique, and Suffi Healing to help people conquer their disease.

Over the years, each new client teaches me how to improve upon and refine our comprehensive GoodbyeLyme System.
The essential factors of this approach are: neutralizing painful toxins with cupping and anti-toxin herbs, killing Lyme and co-infections through anti-microbial herbs and supplements, starving the bacteria through your diet, releasing painful emotions, receiving healing from a Higher Source of Healing, and getting it out of where it is hiding in the body. One more factor is learning to receive compassion.


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