Dr. Tim Jackson went to Wake Forest University with the full intention of following with medical school to become an MD. While he was an undergrad, he got involved with Strength Training and nutrition, and became interested in what would become known as functional medicine.

Over extending himself as an undergrad, he became very sick; among his symptoms included fatigue, insomnia, stomach pain and joint pain among many others. He spent the last two years of his undergrad education trying to find someone to help him.

Unsatisfied with with the hyper specialization in the doctors he went to, he decided to take his health into his own hands. After a childhood where, in his words, he was “prescribed antibiotics like candy,” he realized the first step he had to take was strengthening his digestive health and gut flora.

he spent the next nine years figuring out and healing his gut; eliminating bad bacteria, restoring stomach PH, discovering mold indicators in his lab results, and overcoming his genetic difficulty in detoxifying.

Then he discovered he had Lyme Disease, which he believed is why he had so much difficulty in fully healing his digestion.

Now he helps hundreds of patients with their journey to health. His Heal Your Body Philosophy is designed to give patients a basis of understanding for how their body works so they can make better decisions about their healthcare, and heal your body rather than simply manage your symptoms.


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