#3: Lyme Expert – Dr. Sara Jernigan – Jernigan Nutraceuticals

Episode 3 Features Dr. Sara Jernigan who for the past 17 years has made remedies that help the body overcome lyme disease, bacterial infections, viral infections, yeast-infections, allergies, toxins and hundreds of other symptoms. Dr. Sara and her family personally harvests from the wild the primary herbs she uses in her neutraceuticals from over 600…

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#2: Lyme Ninja – Debi Collins – Central New York

Episode 2 Features Debi Collins a Chittenango, NY resident who became a Lyme patient advocate after being infected with Lyme disease and Bartonella. She co-founded CNY Lyme Support in January 2011 along with three others whose lives had been affected by Lyme disease. They meet on the first Sunday of the month at Sullivan Free…

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#1: Lyme Ninja – Heather Perretta – Mohawk Valley, New York

Episode 1 Features Heather Perretta. Author of The Backyard Naturalist blog, she talks about her struggles with Lyme Disease and her road to recovery. Sometimes it seems like you need Ninja skills to defeat Lyme disease. Join acupuncturist Mackay Rippey as he brings you interviews with interesting and informative people who are using their unique…

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