#263: Tania Dempsey, MD – Mast Cell Syndrome and Lyme

In this episode you will learn three main things:

  1. What Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is and what it does to your body
  2. How it can exacerbate and interfere with treating Lyme Disease
  3. What Dr. Tania Dempsey does to treat Lyme Disease

Guest Bio:

Dr. Tania Dempsey is an expert in chronic disease, autoimmune disorders and mast cell activation syndrome. Dr. Dempsey received her MD from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and her BS degree from Cornell University.

Dr. Dempsey uses integrative medicine to get to the patient’s root cause(s) of their illness. Her purpose is to understand why people get sick and to help patients understand their body. Her practice, Armonk Integrative Medicine, is in Purchase NY.

Dr. Dempsey’s Website:


Dr. Tania Dempsey dot com


Contact Info:

Armonk Integrative Medicine
3010 Westchester Ave Suite 401 
Purchase, NY 10577
Tel: 914-730-7390 

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