#247: Jen Nomi – Stem Cell Therapy

In this episode you will learn three main things:

  1. How stem cells can be used to speed up healing from Lyme
  2. What stem cell therapy is like
  3. Why it’s important to have a dream for what you will do when you get better

Guest Bio:

Jen’s Lyme journey began when she and her husband made the decision to start a family. After an unsuccessful attempt at western medicine fertility treatments, she went to an acupuncturist, who suggested she and her husband might have an infection. This lead to her getting diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease, treatment which included stem cell therapy. She now works as a health coach and nutritional consultant.

Previous Interviews:

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Contact Info:

Website: flourishinghealth.com
Email: jen@flourishinghealth.com
Instagram: @flourishinghealth


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