#239: Morley Robbins – The Right Vitamin C Matters

In this episode you will learn three main things:

  1. What cerruloplasmin is and how it helps your immune system
  2. What a certain kind of vitamin C called ascorbic acid does to disrupt your immune system
  3. What role copper has in healing you body from inflammation

Guest Bio:

Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years until he developed a frozen shoulder which opened his eyes to the power of natural medicine, and set him on his path of becoming an expert in the interplay between magnesium, copper and iron metabolism.

Through his Magnesium Advocacy Group (MAG), he is committed to educating as many people as possible about the importance of iron toxicity and how magnesium and copper help regulate the well-being of all.

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Cells are designed to create energy and to clear exhaust. Where the cells get into trouble is where there is less of the former, and too much of the latter. In other words, a healthy body needs to be able to create energy and clear exhaust. Period. Because a mineral, vitamin and magnesium depleted body can’t make enough energy, and it can’t clear exhaust fast enough.

If you don’t resolve the root cause, your symptoms will never be fully resolved… and you’ll probably feel “exhausted” all the time. Therefore, the steps of The Root Cause Protocol — the steps for reversing Autoimmune conditions like Lyme, Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, etc. — are all about learning to feed your body the correct nutrients and supplements in order to balance Magnesium, Copper, and Iron — and repair cellular dysfunction.

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