Month: May 2019

#234: Heather Szerlong PhD – Affordable tick testing

In this episode you will learn three main things:

  1. Why getting the tick that bit you tested is easier than getting yourself tested
  2. The 3 ‘Lyme Like’ diseases that aren’t going to be picked up by a standard Lyme Test.
  3. Why even knowing what type of tick bit you can help narrow down what you are sick with

Guest Bio:

While researching metabolic disease at the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, she became certified as a Technologist in Molecular Biology from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). She has described much of her research in both peer-reviewed scientific journals and other educational resources including a book chapters and encyclopedia entries. She holds a Research Scientist position in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and is an expert in the areas of biology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular diagnostics.​​

Contact Info:

Ticknology, LLC
​(970) 305-5587
1612 Laporte Ave. Unit 6
Fort Collins, CO 80521

#233: Gregg Kirk – Author, The Gratitude Curve

In this episode you will learn three main things:

  1. When to put antibiotics aside
  2. Why ‘symptom retracing,’ or experiencing the symptoms you had when you first got sick – could mean the treatment you are on is working
  3. How you need to stop asking ‘whats the best treatment’ and start asking ‘whats the best treatment for me?’

Guest Bio:

Gregg Kirk was sick with Lyme for 15 years. After not responding to Western medicine treatments he started exploring energy work and holistic health practices.

Since recovering from Lyme disease, he has focused his efforts on helping Lyme patients through organizations he has founded including Ticked Off Music Fest, Ticked Off Foundation non-profit patient fund, Lyme Recovery Clinic, and

Contact Info:

Gregg Kirk

Book Info:

 Not simply a memoir of one person’s conquest over a life-threatening affliction, the book focuses on the attitudes and hidden lessons that changed the trajectory of the author’s life for the better. Shining a spotlight on the pandemic of Lyme disease, Kirk dives into the unsettling details of his own symptoms, varied treatments (both failed and successful), and knowledge gained from his experiences.

The book makes a dramatic departure from the expected focus on physical treatments to the uncharted realms of spirituality and mystical healing and their very real impact on patients of chronic diseases. healing miracles but those he witnessed of patients deemed terminal by their doctors and literally given up for dead.

#232: Mackay & Aurora – 2019 MLDSE Conference Report

In this episode you lear three main things:

• Signs you might have the meat allergy Alpha Gal
• How to advocate for children with Lyme at school
• How the naturopathic approach to Lyme is helping many chronic Lyme patients

Join Aurora and Mackay as the break down the 2019 Midcoast Lyme Support and Education conference held in Augusta, Maine.

#231: Todd Watts, DC – Parasites, Flukes, and Worms in Lyme Disease

And in this episode you will learn three main things:

• How parasites might be stalling your Lyme recovery
• Why sudden onset of allergies could be a sign of parasites
• How going through cycles of Lyme symptoms could be a sign of parasites

Dr. Todd A. Watts is a national board certified Chiropractic Physician in Idaho, a Functional Wellness Practitioner and is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association.

At 28 he was diagnosed with Epstein Barr, and following a series of catastrophic stressors in his 40s he struggles with chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, allergies, Lyme and Babesia. In working to cure himself he discovered that the major roadblock to his healing was unaddressed parasitic infections. He now helps others discover the roadblock that prevent them from fully recovering.