In this episode you will learn:

• Why Dana does a parasite cleanse every year
• How to protect yourself from emotional parasites during the holiday season
• And how grief is a necessary part of the cleansing and healing process

Dana Walsh, a northern California native, is the co-founder, author and executive director of Lyme Less Live More. Featured in the award-winning documentary, UNDER OUR SKIN, Dana has inspired countless on their road to health when she shared her journey from rock-n-roll event producer to full time Lyme patient.

Today, Dana uses her wisdom from decades of personal study and experience to coach patients inside her live programs. Dana’s multi-faceted approach to recovery includes nutrition, self-care, healthy mindset, and conscious awareness.

Dana is a nutritional therapist, speaker and writer in the health and healing world. She continues her mission to deliver a powerful authentic message of love and acceptance and to make the seemingly intangible a reality.