#202: Savi Glowe – 2018 Lyme Mind Conference in NYC

In this episode you will learn:

• Savi’s revolutionary work using data to define what makes us healthy, and how her group is using that data to help people with Lyme Disease
• How the INGH Conference was created to break down the ‘silos’ within the Lyme community.
ª Her efforts to make sure the research presented is available and accessible to everyone, including laypeople.

Savi Glowe is the Director of Operations for the Institute for Next Generation HeaIthcare (INGH) in the Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai, and the Director of Strategy & Operations for the Precision Health Enterprise (PHE).

Prior to Mount Sinai, she managed clinical research operations for the Neurourology research group at Stanford University. She joined Mount Sinai in January 2013, and her work at Mount Sinai has supported research in rare genetic disorders, lab and consumer device validation, skin disorders, Lyme Disease, and precision wellness.