Month: September 2018

#203: Dr. Kelly Halderman – Incomplete Detox: the missing piece in your protocol.

In this episode you will learn: • The missing step in your detox protocol • Why glyphospate is a dangerous and essential part of modern agriculture • What your sweat means for your health Dr. Kelly’s Lyme journey started with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. This began her journey into naturopathic medicine and looking at genetics and other…

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#202: Savi Glowe – 2018 Lyme Mind Conference in NYC

In this episode you will learn: • Savi’s revolutionary work using data to define what makes us healthy, and how her group is using that data to help people with Lyme Disease • How the INGH Conference was created to break down the ‘silos’ within the Lyme community. ª Her efforts to make sure the research presented…

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#201: Daniel Lynch – President, Medical Bill Gurus

In this episode you will learn: • The biggest mistake people with Lyme make when choosing an insurance company • How you can best use your health insurance, even for chronic conditions like Lyme • How his family’s medical bankruptcy inspired him to help people with medical billing Daniel Lynch’s family experienced financial difficulties as they…

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