Month: June 2018

#191: David Kent – Australian Author of The Lyme Book

In this episode you will learn:

• What band intensity means on the Wester Blot test and how it relates to a clinical diagnosis
• What it means to “challenge” borrelia and why it can make treatment more effective
• Why David decided to pursue both herbal and antibiotic treatments

David Kent became sick in 2012. After years of being bedbound, suffering severe neurological symptoms where the slightest sound would cause him pain, he finally found a doctor who would believe him and was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2016.

He wrote his book “The Lyme Book: for family, friends and caregivers” so his wife, a non-native english speaker would have an accessible reference to understand his illness. David Kent lives and teaches university classes in Korea, while pursuing treatment for his Lyme Disease in Australia.

#190: Dr. Kelly Halderman – How Mast Cells and Cortisol Keep You sick

Inthis episode you will learn:

• What a mast cell actually does
• Why you should be careful of forcing you body to produce more energy when its sick
• Why managing histamine and cortisol levels are important for long term health

Dr. Kelly’s Lyme journey started with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. This began her journey into naturopathic medicine and looking at genetics and other foundational aspects of health.

She is a physician in Minnesota and collaborates with Naturopath Bob Miller on understanding the genetic and nutritional components of chronic disease.

#189: Monica Bruenn, PhD – How to save yourself from junk science.

In this episode you will learn:

• Why Monica Bruenn created created a horse rescue
• Monica’s own lyme journey from patient to practitioner
• The best way to tell if a scientific study is junk or not

Monica Bruenn

helps people and animals improve their quality of life with an integrated approach to wellness that uses her background in Clinical Research, Mathematical Statistics, Herbalist, a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, a Hashimoto’s Practitioner, a HeartMath Practitioner and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

She says on her website ‘was able to get my life back (from Lyme disease) when I began to trust myself and my body’s ability to heal itself using a holistic approach’ and now brings that approach to her practice.

#188: Morley Robbins, Hacking Your Immune System with Retinol

In this episode you will learn:

• How both organic and inorganic iron are absorbed into the body
• Why most of the food we eat today isn’t as nutritious as it was 50 years ago
• And why Retinol has been removed from the standard american diet

Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years until he developed a condition called “frozen shoulder.” Which opened his eyes to the power of natural medicine, and set him on his path of becoming an expert in the interplay between magnesium, copper and iron metabolism.

Through his Magnesium Advocacy Group (MAG), he is committed to educating as many people as possible about the importance of iron toxicity and how magnesium and copper help regulate the well-being of all.