Month: April 2018

#182: Janet Newton, PhD – Surviving Lyme in the Chemical Age

In this episode you will learn:

• The three places in your home you need to watch for toxins
• Why awareness is the best tool for keeping toxins out of your home
• A few common sense tips on reducing your toxic load

“Janet Newman, is a consultant based in Austin, Texas. Her longtime interest in health and nutrition has led her to explore the damage that hidden environmental toxins can do and to discover ways to reduce or eliminate their impact. Janet has a Ph.D. in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. She is the mother of two active boys and enjoys organic gardening, writing, yoga, bike riding, and cooking healthy meals for her family.” – from her website

#181: Dr. Kelly Halderman – Understanding the Entire Liver Detox Pathway

Dr. Kelly’s Lyme journey started with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Began her journey toward naturopathic, foundational health. Looking at genetics and other foundational aspects of health. She is a physician at the Connors Clinic in Minnesota and collaborates with Naturopath Bob Miller, on understanding the genetic and nutritional components of chronic disease.

#180: Kristen Harper – Mineral Hair Analysis

In this episode you will learn:

• Why blood tests miss mineral deficiencies
• How your body can be too weak to detox
• Which minerals should be monitored in tandem

After Kristen Harper suffered for years as a teenager with chronic fatigue, getting from either traditional medicine or alternative therapies. Until she inquired into hair mineral analysis, where she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. This inspired a lifelong passion for Hair analysis. She received her certification for hair analysis in 2009, and founded her company Perfect Health Consulting Services to share with others what changed her life.

#179: Morgan Mellas – Functional Spirituality

Morgan Mellas is a certified Functional Medicine nutritionist, researcher, celebrity wellness expert and a Medium. She has aprivate practice is based in the Los Angeles area. As a teenager she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. After years of medication that didn’t relieve her symptoms she started on a path towards wellness that started with Dr. Klinghardt and led to her creating her own practice which combines a personalized approach focusing on marrying state-of-the-art technological advances with ancient psychospiritual tools.