In this episode you will learn:

• Why you won’t want to miss the Midcoast Maine Lyme Disease Conference
• How this conference is perfect for patients as well Lyme Literate Health Care providers
• How the conference is designed to take care of people with Lyme including a quiet room and quality food.

Paula was bit by a tick in October 2009 going undiagnosed for almost 18 months. In April 2011, Paula had Neurological Lyme Disease and numerous co-infections and began her three year journey back to health with a team of lyme literate doctors.

Angele Rice was bitten as a child – after growing up with numerous complex chronic health conditions – her state of health after the birth of her first child galvinized her to look for answers for why she was so sick – she was finally diagnosed with lyme at age thirty.

These women first created the Midcoast Lyme Disease Support group – and later the conference as a way to empower and educate their local community about lyme disease – and as a way to bring national expertise to their local community.