Kevin Peer Was a photographer, and later a film director for National Geographic. In the early nineties Kevin had gone on a camping trip to Arkansas, where he describes ‘the ticks fell from the dense canopy of trees like rain.”

In this episode you will learn:
• The Hero’s Journey
• Why your doctor should never be the final authority in your health
• Taking ownership of your Lyme Journey

Fast forward to 2006 his health had deteriorated such an extent he turned to the internet. “Dr. Google” lead him to lyme disease and he was finally diagnosed with advanced neurological lyme.

Throughout the experience of treating Lyme disease, he found comfort and a breakthrough in the archetype of the Hero’s Journey. It helped him regain a sense of power in his healing, where medical providers were partners rather than an ultimate authority. Today he has an integrative counseling and hypnotherapy practice in California.