In the spring of 2012 Jessica had just turned 20 years old and started having pain in her hands and feet. Her doctor tested her for arthritis, lupus and MS, but none of her markers were positive. By that time, 3 months had passed and her symptoms were getting worse. Jessica’s fatigue was extreme, her pain spread everywhere in her body, especially her joints, her heart was racing and she was faint and weak all the time.

In this episode you will learn:

• The diet change Jessica credits with turning around her Lyme  
• How her mom started Focus on Lyme to Fund a new Lyme test
• The science behind the new t-Gen test RNA sequencing test
• The mental part of healing Lyme
• The number one life skill Jessica learned healing from Lyme

When someone you love is getting sicker by the day and there is no help in sight, you’ll do anything to help.

Fortunately, we found an amazing Lyme doctor in New York and with his care Jessica showed improvement. After several months, Jessica began to get better. Today, we are 3 years after her initial diagnosis and she is about 80% of her normal self…

– Jessica’s mom Tammy Crawford from Focus on Lyme website