Month: September 2016

#105: Jessica Crawford – Living in the moment with Lyme Disease

In the spring of 2012 Jessica had just turned 20 years old and started having pain in her hands and feet. Her doctor tested her for arthritis, lupus and MS, but none of her markers were positive. By that time, 3 months had passed and her symptoms were getting worse. Jessica’s fatigue was extreme, her pain spread everywhere in her body, especially her joints, her heart was racing and she was faint and weak all the time.

In this episode you will learn:

• The diet change Jessica credits with turning around her Lyme  
• How her mom started Focus on Lyme to Fund a new Lyme test
• The science behind the new t-Gen test RNA sequencing test
• The mental part of healing Lyme
• The number one life skill Jessica learned healing from Lyme

When someone you love is getting sicker by the day and there is no help in sight, you’ll do anything to help.

Fortunately, we found an amazing Lyme doctor in New York and with his care Jessica showed improvement. After several months, Jessica began to get better. Today, we are 3 years after her initial diagnosis and she is about 80% of her normal self…

– Jessica’s mom Tammy Crawford from Focus on Lyme website

#104: Gregg & Stephanie – Grants for Lyme Disease Treatment

The mission of the Ticked Off Foundation is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme and tick-borne disease patients over the age of 25 who are in crisis through grants and counseling,

In this episode you will learn:

• About the Ticked Off Foundation provides grants for Lyme treatment
• How you can help by recycling these special items

Neither Stephanie nor Gregg responded well to standard antibiotic treatments for their chronic Lyme, and because none of the treatments they did pursue were covered by insurance – they both amassed a debt of more than $250,000 dollars. When they went searching for some kind of charity they could only find one, which was aimed at helping children with Lyme Disease. This inspired Gregg to create the Ticked Off Foundation in 2015.

#103: Briana Beaver – Founder of Lymies Looking for Love and the blog, Tick Talk

Briana Beaver is founder of the Facebook Group “Lymies Looking for Love.” She also runs the blog Tick Talk Site and continues to work on being healthy and well.

In this episode you will learn:

• Briana’s approach to healing Lyme Disease
• Dating Facebook Page “Lymies Looking for Love”

Briana was ill as a child with mostly gastrointestinal problems that metamorphosed as she grew older into nearly every system in her body gastro, vascular, neurological, having severe problems. After graduating college she deteriorated completely she had to be hospitalized, wasting away because her body couldn’t absorb any nutrition. Fortunately her mother had reached out to a chiropractic neurologist who was able to put her on a treatment plan that eventually lead to a lyme disease diagnosis.

#102: Dr. Adam Nally, DO – Why he prescribes a ketogenic diet for his patients

Adam S. Nally, is a Doctor of Osteropathic medicine and practices community-based medicine providing practical general medical health through a ketogenic, low-carbohydrate life style.

In this episode you will learn:

1) Why Dr. Nally prescribes a ketogenic for many of his patients
2) What macronutrients you must have to heal from any chronic disease.
3) Why stress robs you of your energy.
4) Which genetic SNIP caused Dr. Nally to create his own multivitamin for his patients.

Dr. Nally is an International Obesity & Weight Management Speaker and Writer, and is a health pod-caster with Jimmy Moore on KetoTalk with Jimmy & the Doc