#99: Melina Coogan – becoming your own health advocate when you have chronic Lyme Disease

Melina Coogan grew up in Vermont and was an active outdoorswoman. She had strange symptoms for several years, such a tingling all over her body, and shooting pains. About a year ago her symptoms became much more severe, with a spotted rash that grew from her feet to her face in the course of a day, and a urinary tract disorder that left her unable to move. Online research lead her to discover Lyme Disease, and when she went to the doctors for a test she tested positive.

In this episode you will learn three things:

1) A reminder of why it’s important to be your own advocate
2) the role a community support has on dealing with chronic disease
3) Melina’s hack for alleviating her lyme symptoms

Today she is receiving treatment from a lyme literate doctor as well as using other alternative therapies, and documents her experience with Lyme Disease on her blog The Wilder Coast.