Month: May 2016

#88: Lyme Ninja – Glenn The Geek – Founder of Horse Radio Network shares his Lyme Disease story

Glenn the Geek as he is known, started podcasting in 2008 with the launch of the Horse Radio Network. Since then, Horse Radio Network has now grown to eight shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

Glenn hosts several of the shows on the network including the Stable Scoop Radio Show, the 2010 Radio Show, Tack and Habit and Horse Tip Daily.

#87: Lyme Expert – Helen McCormack – CEO, Flourish Partners is developing a new Lyme Disease test

Flourish Partners CEO, Helen McCormack, has more than 17 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and currently owns three successful businesses. Her career in sales and business management allowed her to develop medical and commercial knowledge in many therapeutic areas, one of them being infectious disease and immunology.  Helen is a third level graduate in business and marketing (UCL) and is also a mentor for Enterprise Ireland, working with startup companies in the healthcare arena. 

#86 – Best of Lyme Ninja Radio – Holly Ahern, Ph.D.

Holly Ahern, Ph.D. is an associate professor of microbiology at SUNY Adirondack who runs an undergraduate research lab. She first encountered Lyme disease when her daughter, a highly ranked competitive swimmer, became ill with “a weird set of symptoms” in her senior year of high school.

When Holly Ahern found out that her daughter’s mysterious illness was Lyme disease, she quickly immersed herself in the subject. She soon learned about the controversies swirling around the disease and came to realize that many others were suffering like her daughter. Ahern has become an advocate for developing a broader understanding of Lyme disease – one aimed at treating the chronic symptoms commonly reported by patients who were misdiagnosed or received inadequate treatment in the disease’s early stages.

Her goal is to change the official CDC case definition of Lyme disease, which could attract more attention and funding to Lyme disease.