#82: Lyme Ninja – Amy Tiehel – Amy’s background in TV has helped her advocate for Lyme Disease

Amy Tiehel was working in Los Angeles in tv/film production and transitioning into acting when in 2008 she started falling ill monthly. These monthly illnesses became progressively worse until she was practically bed-ridden once a month. She became suddenly and dramatically sick the day after her 40th birthday party. Her health continued to worsen until she couldn’t take care of herself anymore, and had to move back to Philadelphia with her parents. Five years later she finally started to regain her health. She has become a passionate advocate for lyme patients, started a support group and is now a writer. She has a blog where you can find her at www.lymeadvokit.blogspot.com. She is also a board member of PA Lyme Resource Network, www.palyme.org.