Month: March 2016

#82: Lyme Ninja – Amy Tiehel – Amy’s background in TV has helped her advocate for Lyme Disease

Amy Tiehel was working in Los Angeles in tv/film production and transitioning into acting when in 2008 she started falling ill monthly. These monthly illnesses became progressively worse until she was practically bed-ridden once a month. She became suddenly and dramatically sick the day after her 40th birthday party. Her health continued to worsen until she couldn’t take care of herself anymore, and had to move back to Philadelphia with her parents. Five years later she finally started to regain her health. She has become a passionate advocate for lyme patients, started a support group and is now a writer. She has a blog where you can find her at She is also a board member of PA Lyme Resource Network,

#81: Lyme Ninja – Stacey Starkell’s Son Developed Symptoms That Led Her to Lyme Disease

Stacey Starkell

Is a mother in Iowa who went to the internet for information after her son developed a blinking motor tick. Her son’s pediatrician, while willing, was not lyme literate, and after weeks of worsening physical and neurological symptoms, Stacey drove her son three hours to a Lyme Literate Doctor, where he was finally diagnosed. Today he is on an herbal protocol, is almost symptom free, and with the help of his mother is on his way to being a healthy four-year old. 

#80: Lyme Ninja – Jake Hollander – Surviving High School With Lyme Disease

Jake Hollander is the son of Katina Makris, (who has also been on this show) A senior in highschool, Jake was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and has had to take time off school to heal from several relapses. Currently he is out on the west coast perfecting his golf game.

#79: Lyme Ninja – Kay Ehlers – Has Lyme Disease and Her Son Has PANDAS. Coincidence?

Kay Ehlers is a stay at home mom whose oldest son’s behavior changed dramatically when he was four. OCD behavior, speech impairments, and aggressive behavior sent her online in an effort to figure out what was wrong with her son. Much research and a trip to a specialist in Chicago later, she suspected her son had PANDAS which is a pediatric strep infection that includes severe neurological symptoms. He was put on a trial period of antibiotics, on which he improved rapidly.

At the same time her son was visiting the doctor, she tested positive for Lyme disease. She believes Lyme disease is also a factor in her son’s illness. As of now both she and her son are on antibiotics to combat their infections.