Scott’s journey to becoming the ‘better health guy’ began in 1997 when he became violently ill. He says on his website “Overnight, my body was ravaged by an unknown illness.” After many months of baffling doctors, he was diagnosed with parasitic infections, Candida, leaky gut syndrome and severe food allergies.

Recovering took two years of working constantly with his doctor and by 2000 his symptoms were gone Everything seemed to be going well for him until 2004 when he regained his original symptoms as well as severe burning sensations in his limbs and muscle twitches throughout his body. Going to yet another doctor, who put him on the same course of treatment that had helped him previously. It had cyclical effects, after the treatment ended, his symptoms reappeared.

In 2005, he found a treatment to help with his severe food allergies, and the practitioner recommended he get tested for Lyme disease. His Western Blot tested positive for Lyme Disease and shortly thereafter he went to a Lyme literate doctor and tested positive for Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesia, and Ehrlichia. As of now he is mostly healed, and he runs “the better health guy” blog where he writes about his journey recovering from chronic illness, new research on lyme disease, and alternative health practices.