Month: November 2015

#60: Lyme Expert – Dr. Robert C. Bransfield – Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Robert C. Bransfield, MD explains how lyme is often mistaken for psychiatric problems and how inflammation caused by b. Burgdorferi damages your nervous system. Dr. Bransfield offers himself as a resource to help your physician understand the neurological component of Lyme.

Dr. Bransfield is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated from Rutgers and the George Washington School of Medicine, and finished his psychiatric residency training at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. He first became interested in the link between infections and mental health 20 years ago when a patient referred to him by an infectious disease doctor improved tremendously after she went back on antibiotics. He has been a past president of ILADS and the NJ psychiatric association, and currently owns a private practice in Red Bank, New Jersey.

#59: Lyme Expert – Jessica Labbe – Yoga Instructor And Lymie

Jessica Labbe worked in Radio for 15 years, but the constant stress she was under was ruining her health and well-being. She started practicing yoga to cope, and eventually retired from Radio to concentrate on her health. When she moved from Vermont back to New Hampshire, she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program with YOGA New Hampshire. She is also certified to teach ChildLight Yoga, Yin Yoga and yoga therapy. She has a yoga studio in Manchester New Hampshire called Jeca Yoga where she and 6 other yogis offer classes that help achieve gentle restoration through yoga movement.

#58: Expert – Alia Thabit – Therapeutic Dance

Alia Thabit first started dancing when she was sixteen, when she attended a belly dance class just down her street in Brooklyn NY. These classes sparked a passion that would inspire her for the next for decades. Alia has danced on three continents, six countries, and fifteen states, and presented seminars with international stars.

In 2007 she discovered Sufi Master Dunya McPherson, who taught meditation through dance which brought a whole new level of spiritual connection to her dance. She teaches dancers to listen to their body, and promote healing through the power of breath, Oriental dance, and intuitive movement.

#57: Expert – Valerie Lopata – Pilates

Valerie Lopata began training for the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning in 1998. In 2001 she received her certification and opened her studio, Bodywise Pure Pilates. She has continued her pilates education and most recently was one of five certified Pilates instructors to be chosen to work under Alycea Ungaro of Real Pilates NYC in 2013. Valerie brings with her 17 years of experience working with clients young and old, from professional dancers and athletes to those new to fitness programs.

#56: Lyme Expert – Jenny Buttaccio, OTR L – Occupational Therapist

Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio, OTR/L, is an Occupational Therapist and certified Pilates instructor whose life was transformed by Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis. She is creator of the DVD, New Dawn Pilates: pilates-inspired exercises adapted for people with pelvic pain. Jenny is a health and wellness advocate and blogger who writes about her personal healing journey with the support of her husband, Tom, and two senior beagles, Seven and Caylie. Her work can also be seen online at Mind Body Green, Lupus Chick, Suffering the Silence and as an exercise contributor in the book The Proactive Patient by Gaye and Andrew Sandlar.

From her blog

#55: Lyme Expert – Dan De Lion – Herbalist, Survivalist, Naturalist

Dan De Lion is an Earth Herbalist, Forager, Musician, and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines.

Dan grew up in a life full of exposure to plants in the herb and vegetable garden which his mother grew. He began mushroom hunting at 20 years old, and soon realized that wild plants could also be foraged, and received his formal herbalist training in 2010 from Heart Stone herbal school in Van Etten, NY. That same year, he started his business Return to Nature as a vehicle for sharing his passion for herbal medicine and his outreach to build a community with a deeper expression of Nature as a continual and abundant provider of nourishment, medicine and spiritual connection.

In his herbal and spiritual explorations, he has also traveled across the world, to India, South America, and many places in the United States seeking and sitting with teachers and guides who have deeply expanded his knowledge about herbal healing, deeper perspectives on causes of illness, and working in respect with the natural world. Teaching with a deep passion to inspire children and adults alike to return to nature and remember that there is deep treasure around each and every corner of life, Dan teaches through hands on mentoring with focus on engaging the senses in and with nature to create and bridge a deep connection to the earth and our immediate surroundings

#54: Lyme Expert – Lena Prisco, PhD – Researcher

Lena Prisco moved to Martha’s Vineyard with her partner Arlene in 2007. At first she continued to work as vice president for the pharmaceutical company Paraxel, but soon took a job closer to home as a Lab Technician at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. In 2011 Lena became the Hospital’s Lab Director, where she took steps to bring Lyme Disease testing in-house. In 2011, the lab did 301,580 tests Since then she has expanded the lab to better serve physicians and the people who live on Martha’s Vineyard.

Last year she co-founded the Vineyard Center for Clinical Research, which aims to improve Lyme Disease diagnosis. She also works on expanding the Lyme disease research infrastructure through data collection, trials, urging people to report their cases of Lyme to the CDC.

#52: Lyme Expert – Jerry Simons – Morrison Center

Jerry Simons graduated with honors in 1993 from Stony Brook’s Health Science Center with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cardio-Respiratory Sciences. He graduated from the Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Program in 1995. Upon graduation he began to work for Dr. Joseph Burrascano in East Hampton, New York. After Dr. Burrascano retired 11 years later, Jerry began working at The Morrison Center as well as at East Hampton Urgent Care.

While at Dr. Burrascano’s office, Jerry helped launch the ILADS Physician Training Program and was asked to work with the growing Empire State Lyme Association where he gives lectures and visits support groups. Soon after, he was recruited to be featured on a local monthly TV program about tick-borne infections and was asked by CALDA to author the “From the Expert” series for the Lyme Times. He has kept up with the field by attending regular CMEs including ILADS lectures as well as immune system seminars. He is a frequent local, state and national lecturer on medical CME topics.

He has been a lecturer/instructor in the Cornell Medical College PA Program’s Medicine and Physical Diagnosis Classes, has coordinated and taught their intensive surgical courses and intensive clinical skills courses and has won their Top Instructor award three times. He also lectures at Long Island University, Touro University and the Montifore Medical Center Residency.

#53: Lyme Ninja – Logan McCulloch – Trek For Truth Across America

Logan McCulloch contracted Lyme Disease on a camping trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in 2011. One morning he woke up to find more that 20 tiny deer tick nymphs. It became clear he became infected though he was not properly diagnosed until November. With the resources and information provided by the Lyme disease internet community, he found his way to the nearest Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) in a neighboring state.

He began intensive treatment that helped him recover “a good part” of his health, though challenges and deficits remained. In response, Logan made a choice that many people might find surprising: to undertake a six-month hike of the Appalachian Trail, in the name of Lyme disease awareness. He began hiking south from Mt. Katadin in July 2013. He sold his home and left his career as an executive at the Red Cross.

During that hike he started the Lyme Warrior Movement, dedicated to Sharing inspirational stories and encouraging collaboration on shared goals and objectives.

McCulloch says, “I believe deeply in the unlimited nature of human potential.”

#51: Lyme Expert – Katina Makris – Author, Autoimmune Illness And Lyme Disease Recovery

Katina is a graduate of Duke University and The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing. After 5 years of misdiagnosis and 5 more years of treatments, Katina has overcome chronic Lyme disease. She is on a nationwide Lyme awareness campaign with her recovery memoir and guide, “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit,” an award finalist for 2011 Best Book in Health with USA Book News and winner of “50 Authors You Should be Reading” by the Authors Show. She is was asked to host a live weekly radio show, with a 300 station worldwide syndicate, “Lyme Light Radio with Katina Makris”, which launched in June 2013.

She is currently a board member of Be Tick Ready, a Lyme education group, the host of “Lyme-Light Radio with Katina” on WBLQ 1230 AM, Westerly, RI, which is partnered with the Dr. Pat Show. She also works as a Spiritual healer and Lyme disease counselor.