Episode #17 feature Jack Daniel. Jack graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Biochemistry. After that he started studying Acupuncture, receiving his license in 1973, and qualified for Master of Acupuncture with the College of Traditonal Acupuncture in 1979. In 1975, he co-founded the Center for Traditional Acupuncture, now known as the TAI Sophia Institute He has now been practicing Acupuncture for almost 40 years.

He served as lead faculty for the Traditional Acupuncture Institute’s (TAI) California programs for seven years until 1988, and for the next seven years served as Dean of Students and Director of Alumni Affairs. He was named Teacher of the Year, awarded by the graduating students of the TAI Sophia Institute in 2003.

He has authored newspaper and journal articles, and has appeared numerous times on television and radio discussing acupuncture. He has also served as an expert witness for the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI in U.S. District Court.

His teaching infuses theory with clarity, wisdom and common-sense practicality. His guiding principle — to unify the realms of the emotional, physical and spiritual — inspires his teaching and deepens understanding for students in his courses.


Helpful Links

Jack Daniel’s Acupuncture Practice
The Whole Circle Website – Acupuncture Continuing Education
Information on Jack’s course for patients “Trust, Forgiveness and the Path to Peace”


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I practice acupuncture in Clinton, NY, a small village in the geographical center of the state. Once I became aware of Lyme and other insect carried diseases, I started seeing my chronic patients in an entirely different light. Join me as I speak with the the most fascinating people in the Lyme community. If you know someone I should interview, let me know.

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