Episode #155: Conference Report: Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference between ospA vs ospC and how they are being used in a new vaccine
  • A revolutionary diagnostic test for infections including Lyme and co-infections
  • Another reason ticks are spreading farther and farther North

Conference: Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine.

Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine Conference is the second annual conference. This conference was founded by Joel Dudley, PhD, Director of the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare, and included presentations by UC San Francisco’s Charles Chiu, Epidemiologist at Gesisinger Health Systems Annemarie Hirsch, UC Davis Nicole Baumgarth, Virginia Commonwealth University RIchard Marconi, and University of Maryland Joao Pedra.

This conference is Founded by the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation, which has donated up to $40 million dollars for lyme disease research

Web Links:

Mt. Sinai’s Nextgen Lyme Mind Project: lymemind.org

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Mackay Rippey

I practice acupuncture in Clinton, NY, a small village in the geographical center of the state. Once I became aware of Lyme and other insect carried diseases, I started seeing my chronic patients in an entirely different light. Join me as I speak with the the most fascinating people in the Lyme community. If you know someone I should interview, let me know.

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