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Lyme Ninja Radio

"The fear and worry of a Lyme relapse or flare and the desire to stay relapse-free is a major concern for people who have had Lyme, parents of children who have had Lyme, and even the 'lucky' ones who didn't get super sick. Across the Lyme World these people have one goal in common, they want to avoid a future relapse."

- Mackay Rippey, Show Host

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We've put together a special Six Part Playlist of Lyme experts to help you get up to speed on Lyme disease.


David Kent

David Kent became bed bound suffering severe neurological symptoms where the slightest sound would cause pain. He was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and wrote The Lyme Book: for family, friends and caregivers so his wife could understand his illness.


Holy Ahern, PhD

Holly Ahern is an associate professor of microbiology at SUNY Adirondack and runs an undergraduate research lab. When Holly found out several years ago that her daughter’s mysterious illness was Lyme disease, she quickly immersed herself in the subject.


Dr. Terry Wahls

Terry Wahls, MD is a professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she conducts clinical trials that test the effect of nutrition and lifestyle interventions to treat MS and other progressive health problems like chronic Lyme Disease. She is the author of The Wahls Protocol.


Dr. Bill Rawls

Bill Rawls, MD discovered herbal medicine after he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and failed to heal with long=term antibiotics. He is the Author of unlocking Lyme and the Medical Director of Vital Plan, an herbal supplement company. he founded with his daughter, Braden.


Evan Golub

Evan created the social media app, Wana, to help chronically ill people come together, find support, and share info on treatments and managing symptoms. Evan was inspired to create Wana after helping a friend simply by sharing his own Lyme journey experience.


Dr. Neil Nathan

Neil Nathan, MD is a family physician helping people with complex medical problems. He works with patients who have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Lyme disease and has written several books on how to help people with complex chronic illnesses.

The Lyme Journey Roadmap

Your step-by-step guide to eliminating confusion and fear on your journey to becoming Lyme free. We created this guide help keep you on track and not loose sight of where you are and what your next step should be. This helps eliminate confusion and fear.

Phase 1: Reboot

The healing journey of Lyme Disease can have a lot of false starts and dead ends that lead to frustration, confusion and even despair. There is no shame in calling a "do over" and rebooting. In fact, it can be the turning point.

Phase 2: Resolve

At some point you need to kill enough "bugs" (Lyme and co-infections) for your immune system to regain control. This is not a simple process or necessarily a quick one. Once your infections have become "manageable," you can move on.

Phase 3: Restore

I always encourage people to "think outside the tick." Many people continue to feel bad after getting the infection(s) under control and assume their infection is still active. Maybe. But perhaps your body has suffered damage and you have picked up a secondary diagnosis. For example, no amount of antibiotics are going to help you feel better if you have an oxalate issue.

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