Track your symptoms

Fill out the Symptom Tracker form once a month to track your progress for yourself and your health care providers.

This is just the beginning

Right now you get a simple composite score, but we have big plans to add to the Symptom Tracker.

Symptom Score

Your symptom score is calculated based on your answers about common Lyme Symptoms - the worse your symptoms, the higher the score.

Help Your Doc

It's so tough to quantify how you are feeling with Lyme. The Symptom Tracker gives you a starting place to help your healthcare practitioner.

Six Minutes

That's about how long it takes to answer all the questions.

Once a Month

We believe a monthly score is the best for keeping track of your progress. Daily or weekly tracking creates too many data points and is just a PITA!

Big Plans

We have plans to make the Symptom Tracker more useful allowing you to drill down to individual symptoms and adding charts and graphs.

Got Suggestions?

We are open to your ideas. Just drop us an email at feedback at lymeninja dot com.

Start Tracking

You can get started right now by answering the questions below.