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It’s for good reason brain fog has become synonymous with Lyme disease. It’s perhaps the most difficult symptom to treat, has the most debilitating effects for the patient and most difficult to understand for those who’ve never experienced it. Brain fog, due to Lyme disease, also is commonly misdiagnosed and left untreated causing even more angst and confusion for the afflicted and their caregivers.

The master classes consist recorded lessons with experts in their fields. I know you will get a lot out of listening to them teach about brain health and Lyme disease.


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The Brain Fog Master Class

Lyme disease ravages the brain. Learn what lyme does to the brain and what you can do to protect it.

Dr. Robert Bransfield

#60 Robert Bransfield, MD

The Brain Fog Master Class - Lesson One - Lyme Expert and psychiatrist. Dr. Bransfield explains the unique role psychiatrists can have in diagnosing Lyme Disease.

Dr. Jolene Ross

#61 Jolene Ross, PhD

The Brain Fog Master Class - Lesson Two - Lyme Expert - Neurofeedback. Dr. Ross uses neurofeedback to treat the neurological effects of Lyme Disease.

Jason Earle

#62 Jason Earle

The Brain Fog Master Class - Lesson Three - Expert and owner of 1-800-GOT-MOLD, Jason Earle, has a passion for creating effective mold detection.

Bill Harris

#63 Bill Harris

The Brain Fog Master Class - Lesson Four - Brainwave meditation expert, Bill Harris is the Director of Centerpointe Research Institute.

The Brain NutritionMaster Class

Learn what food your brain craves.

The Brain Nutrition Master Class

Learn from these four experts as they teach how to nurture your brain with the right kind of nutrition.

Ariane Resnick

#67: Ariane Resnick

Nutrition Master Class - Lesson One - Ariane Resnick, author of the The Bone Broth Miracle, is an expert in health, nutrition, cooking and has battled her way back to health from Lyme disease.

Karen Diggs

#68: Karen Diggs

Nutrition Master Class - Lesson Two - Karen Diggs can help you get started simply and easily creating your own probiotics by fermenting. Karen is a Certified Nutrition Consultant & Therapeutic Chef and inventor of the Kraut Source.

Joanie Blaxter

#69: Joanie Blaxter

Nutrition Master Class - Lesson Three - Joanie Blaxter - When you couple the damage caused by voluntary antibiotics with damage caused involuntary antibiotics in our food chain, you risk gut damage that can be as difficult as Lyme to cure.

#70: Amy Berger, NTP

Nutrition Master Class - Lesson Four - Amy Berger, NTP - The brain nourishing ketogenic diet has been shown to help people with brain issues such as seizures and Alzheimer's.