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I really liked the original TMA-1 headphones — what’s not to like? But for a lot of DJs, there’s a price point that they won’t go beyond, and the TMA-1 was perhaps above that point for too many DJs, especially with the legendary Sennheiser HD25s coming in a lot cheaper.

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The TMA-1 X is the most ambitious professional headphone offering to-date from acclaimed audio technology manufacturer AIAIAI, by taking high-end award-winning design and performance down to an entry-level price point for the masses. The TMA-1 X is a closed, dynamic headphone for professional DJ performance, production and everyday use. Inspired by the award-winning design of the AIAIAI TMA-1, the TMA-1 X offers a lightweight, small footprint, and highly portable alternative to the existing TMA-1 range.