Lesson One of the Nutrition and Brain Health Masterclass.

Ariane Resnick, author of the The Bone Broth Miracle, is an expert in health, nutrition, cooking and has battled her way back to health from Lyme disease. Originally a raw food vegan, Ariane began exploring bone broth because her clients began asking for it. As she cooked broth more often, Ariane became intrigued about the science behind broth’s reputation as a powerful super food. She also began modifying her diet to include some broth and other animal based foods.

If bone broth is not part of your healing protocol, you owe it to yourself to add it in. Your body cannot support you unless it has the nutrition it needs in a way that it can handle. Bone broth does both.

“It’s often not even the Lyme anymore that’s keeping you down. It’s just your poor body being so harmed by the disease and everything you have put into it to get rid of this disease.” – Erica Livingston

I’m always impressed by vegetarians who are willing to modify their diet to include healthy animal based food. It shows an intellectual curiosity and willingness to confront one’s closely and strongly held beliefs. It’s not an easy or popular thing to do.  In fact, that’s what we are asking the medical community to do with regard to Lyme Disease. We want them to take a second look and what they believe to be true and consider an alternative. That so few doctors do this shows just how remarkable Ariane is.

This was Lesson One. There are three more to follow. Be sure to check them out.


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Dive deeply into topics that matter to your health and well-being and learn the ninja skills you need for your Lyme journey.

Lyme and Other Experts

Our understanding of Lyme disease is rapidly evolving. That’s why we constantly search out experts in Lyme and other related health fields to help you find your unique path back to health. If a cookie cutter approach to healing Lyme worked. I wouldn’t be writing this sentence and without a doubt, you would not be reading. To defeat Lyme you need to think like a Ninja. You need advanced knowledge and training and then you need to go out here and use that knowledge and apply it to your unique circumstances.

Brain Health and Nutrition Master Class

Healing Lyme Brain can be illusive. The path back to health has its twists and turns, dead ends, switchbacks. The problem arises when somebody reaches their goal of feeling better again and looks back at how they got there, the path magically straightens out and appears to be a straight line. It’s just human nature.

Because there are so many obstacles in healing your brain, it’s important to master the fundamentals. That’s why I put together the Nutrition and Brain Health Master Class. To help you identify and master the most fundamental nutritional strategies to nourish your brain and entire body

Here are the other lessons of the Master Class.

Check out Ariane's book while you are listening.

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