Candid insights into what it’s like to be a teenager and healing from Lyme disease with Lyme Ninja, Carolyn H.

Carolyn Suspects she was bitten by a tick about nine years ago. Rashes started appearing, as well a fever that would recur every six weeks. Over the next seven years she struggled with Lyme symptoms while being misdiagnosed and discredited by the doctors she visited.

Her symptoms progressed to the point where she had to stop going to high school and continue her education through homeschooling. She was properly diagnosed several years ago and is undergoing treatment with the help of her Lyme literate Doctor. As of now she is taking online courses, volunteers, and continues to heal and explore treatment options.

Talking with Carolyn, you can immediately sense her intelligence and wisdom. I was deeply moved by her openness and willingness to share. I didn’t tell her, but I secretly hope she will one day write a book about her Lyme journey. I’m always intellectually stimulated by the experts I interview, but the Lyme Ninja’s I interview touch me in a much more profound and humbling way. I know you will enjoy listening to Carolyn as much as I did.


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Some of my favorite interviews are with people just like you who are figuring out how to navigate life with Lyme. The wisdom, grace and humor that people display is why I call them Lyme Ninjas. They have developed extraordinary skills and experience and are always willing to share what they have learned. Lyme disease can be a harsh teacher, but it also can uncover the best in people. I love listening and I know you will too.

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