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Amy Berger is an expert on diet and Alzheimer’s Disease. You may be wondering what the connection to Lyme is, so let me tell you tell you. Dr. Alan MacDonald has shown that Alzheimer’s is a consequence of Lyme infecting the brain. He has repeatedly grown Lyme bacteria from cadaver brain tissue of people who had Alzheimer’s. The point is, if you can improve brain function of people with Alzheimer’s you can improve brain function of people with Lyme Brain.

Amy is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and practices in the Washington DC area. She holds a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is also the Author of the Alzheimer’s Antidote, a repair manual for the human brain.


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Brain Health and Nutrition Master Class

Healing Lyme Brain can be illusive. The path back to health has its twists and turns, dead ends, switchbacks. The problem arises when somebody reaches their goal of feeling better again and looks back at how they got there, the path magically straightens out and appears to be a straight line. It’s just human nature.

Because there are so many obstacles in healing your brain, it’s important to master the fundamentals. That’s why I put together the Nutrition and Brain Health Master Class. To help you identify and master the most fundamental nutritional strategies to nourish your brain and entire body

Here are the other lessons of the Master Class.

While you are listening, check out Amy's Book - The Alzheimer's Antidote