Do your expensive probiotics make it past your stomach acid or die trying?

The ability of probiotics to survive stomach acid and actually heal your gut. Dr. Tom Bayne – CEO of Megasporebiotic

This is a three part interview with functional medicine chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bayne.

Part 1 – why K2 is so important to Lyme patients
Part 2 – the latest research about probiotics
Part 3 – Dr. Bayne’s spore based probiotic – MegaSporeBiotic

Dr. Tom Bayne is a chiropractor practicing in the Chicago area. He practices at PureBalance Health Center and focuses on detoxification and gut health. Tom takes a practical, scientific and research-based approach to natural health.

Gut health is such a critical part of recovering from Lyme disease. I’m hoping Dr. Bayne’s research starts bridging the gap between all the knew knowledge we are learning about beneficial bacteria and actually putting them to use in health and healing. If you are a long-time listener or new to Lyme Ninja Radio. I know you will enjoy my interview with Dr. Bayne and learn something new.


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