Lisa Bloomquist – – the potential dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro and Levaquin

Lisa Bloomquist was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and was always very active. In 2010 she hiked the entire 500 mile Colorado Trail. All that changed when she took a round of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Lisa credits her supportive family and great friends who believed in her and that she would get better even when she did not believe it herself. Her intention is to help everyone who is inadvertently affected by fluoroquinolone as much as she can.

It’s bad enough to have to fight tooth and nail to get prescribed enough antibiotics to battle Lyme disease, but when some of the antibiotics can cause the very same symptoms you are trying to overcome. Well, it’s enough to make you run screaming from the ER. Lisa’s message is important. Antibiotics are powerful drugs that need to be taken with due caution and knowledge of possible side effects. Know your disease and know your treatments.

Lisa runs two websites for people affected by fluoroquinolones, or Floxies, as she call them. Floxie Hope and FQ Wall of Pain.


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Lisa Bloomquist's Websites: Floxie Hope & FQ Wall of Pain
Floxie Hope
FQ Wall of Pain