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When Lydia first discovered a tick on her shoulder – she went to the ER, and was prescribed 10 days of Doxycycline as a precaution. A few days later she developed a bull’s eye rash. The doxycycline alleviated her symptoms, but when she went back to ask for another treatment of antibiotics – which she was refused, because her western blot and Elisa tests came back negative.

A neurologist successfully diagnosed her Lyme disease, and after exhausting the treatment protocols recommend she find a Lyme Literate Doctor. Now she is mostly symptom free, and continues to work on controlling her babesia symptoms. She has created a website, as an easy to use resource for people with lyme disease.

I originally contacted Lydia to speak with her about her article, The Stages of Grief in Lyme Disease.  We had a great conversation about the topic, but I was totally blown away by the story she tells about how her dog helped her during her darkest days,


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Some of my favorite interviews are with people just like you who are figuring out how to navigate life with Lyme. The wisdom, grace and humor that people display is why I call them Lyme Ninjas. They have developed extraordinary skills and experience and are always willing to share what they have learned. Lyme disease can be a harsh teacher, but it also can uncover the best in people. I love listening and I know you will too.

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Lydia Niederwerfer's Website: Lyme Aware
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