Brenda Cosentino – The Real Food Rebel – using real food to heal from Lyme disease

Brenda had a 20 year battle with psychiatric issues that started in middle school and came to a head in 2007 where she was taking medication for her mental health that were causing crippling anxiety and panic attacks. She started researching how to treat her mental health with food and diet. From then on it was a steep learning curve with which she tremendously improved her mental health with food and diet.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and several co-infections and was referred to a Lyme Literate Doctor in the United States. after several years of struggling with lyme treatment, she has had successful remission after intensive parasite cleansing, Buhner protocols for lyme and co-infections and Wahl’s Paleo Diet. She has no symptoms and has been completely medication free for over 8 years.

Brenda blogs about food at the Real Food Rebel.


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