Glenn the Geek turned his Lyme setback into a new career launching the Horse Radio Network

Glenn the Geek as he is known, started podcasting in 2008 with the launch of the Horse Radio Network. Since then, Horse Radio Network has now grown to eight shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

Glenn hosts several of the shows on the network including the Stable Scoop Radio Show, the 2010 Radio Show, Tack and Habit and Horse Tip Daily.

Glenn’s story is so inspirational. He turned Lyme lemons into a successful new career and launched the Horse Radio Network. So often when you are feeling very sick and depressed and hopeless, there does not seem to be a way out. All that’s in your face it what has been lost. Keeping a fighting spirit, a ninja spirit, is so important and Glenn’s story reminds us it can be done.

The other thing that’s interesting is how open other communities are to Lyme disease information. The horse community, the small animal vets who treat dogs, they don’t have all the political blinders that squash information about Lyme. Maybe there is a bridge that can be made between these two disciplines. I can hope, right?


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Meet Other Lyme Ninja’s

Some of my favorite interviews are with people just like you who are figuring out how to navigate life with Lyme. The wisdom, grace and humor that people display is why I call them Lyme Ninjas. They have developed extraordinary skills and experience and are always willing to share what they have learned. Lyme disease can be a harsh teacher, but it also can uncover the best in people. I love listening and I know you will too.

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