Lori Dennis is the author of Lyme Madness: where millions are suffering…and few are listening

Lori Dennis, MA, RP is a psychotherapist in the Toronto area and the author of Lyme Madness scheduled to be published in the fall of 2016 – it’s a memoir and cautionary tale about chronic Lyme disease. The story is driven by her son’s illness and their harrowing journey – from a cascade of acute symptoms to the many missteps toward diagnosis to the various stages and shades of hard-won healing.

Lori hopes her book will bring further validation to the many sufferers, greater action within the medical community, and will wave a red flag to other mental health professionals who may not be aware that chronic Lyme disease is a critical differential diagnosis.

When this book comes out, it will be an incredible resource to anyone trying to navigate the confusion around Lyme Disease.


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