First Impressions

Earthing is the science of healing by literally grounding to the Earth.

Martin Zucker has been writing about health, nutrition, and fitness for more than thirty years. During that time he has written a dozen book and hundreds of magazine articles. He is a former Associated Press foreign correspondent.

Alix Mayer spent 18 years with undiagnosed Lyme Disease. She was forced to leave her job as a global research manager for Apple, Inc in 1996 to focus on her health. From there she started researching for her personal health. Today she is a health coach and writer, an editor for Med Nauseaum and SpiroChicks, and a non-profit development consultant.

She discovered Earthing at a Lyme conference at it made an immediate improvement in her pain.


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Meet Lyme Ninja’s Health Experts

As a regular listener to Lyme Ninja Radio, you will be exposed to many experts in and around the Lyme Community. It’s important to keep tabs on the latest developments in Lyme research and treatment, and it’s also important to cross pollinate these ideas with experts outside of the Lyme community. Many scientific breakthroughs happen unexpectedly. The most famous example is the accidental discovery of penicillin. By including experts from field outside of the Lyme community, I hope to keep our thinking fresh.

Below are the most recent Expert interviews.

Earthing: the most important health discovery ever