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Lyme disease attacks the mind and spirit as well as the body. In his book, A Beautiful Medicine, David Mercier walks us through a process to bring healing to the entire body, mind and spirit. His writing reminded my of my early training as an acupuncturist and how truly revolutionary this holistic outlook still is today. Especially for people with Lyme Disease.

David Mercier is a seminar leader, speaker, life coach, and acupuncturist. In the 1970s he went to Sri Lanka where he practiced mindfulness meditation as a Buddhist monk for two years. But instead of finding peace of mind, he became ill and depressed. After returning to the U.S., he sought healing from acupuncture and holistic medicine, which developed a passion to help people lead a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

In his book, A Beautiful Medicine, David explores the humanistic and spiritual essence of health, healing, and medicine by combining science and spirituality.


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A Beautiful Medicine: a radical look at the essence of health and healing

by David G. Mercier