Lesson Four of the Brain Fog Master Class.

Bill Harris has discovered a way to meditate as deeply as a Buddhist monk without spending years of training. Nearly two million people in 193 countries have used Bill’s programs to improve their health and happiness.

Bill began teaching personal growth trainings in 1979 and since then has been involved in personal development for over thirty-five years. In his role as Director of Centerpointe Research Institute, Bill is the creator of The Holosync Solution™ program, designed to induce deep meditative states, creating many significant mental and emotional health benefits. Bill Harris is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is a long time student of contemporary psychology, Eastern philosophy, the physical sciences and chaos theory.

I’ve been using Bill’s Holosync program and I really feel it helps me stay calm and even.


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Brain Fog Master Class

Healing Lyme Brain can be illusive. The path back to health has its twists and turns, dead ends, switchbacks. The problem arises when somebody reaches their goal of feeling better again and looks back at how they got there, the path magically straightens out and appears to be a straight line. It’s just human nature.

Because there are so many obstacles in healing your brain, it’s important to master the fundamentals. That’s why I put together the Brain Fog Master Class. To help you identify and master the most fundamental nutritional strategies to nourish your brain and entire body

Here are the other lessons of the Master Class.

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I practice acupuncture in Clinton, NY, a small village in the geographical center of the state. Once I became aware of Lyme and other insect carried diseases, I started seeing my chronic patients in an entirely different light. Join me as I speak with the the most fascinating people in the Lyme community. If you know someone I should interview, let me know.

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