#193: Christina Tsai, Head of Research and Development - Thryve Gut Health

In this episode you will learn:

  • The top three most important gut bacteria
  • What genetics influence what bacteria grow in the microbiome
  • And a surprising way to increase gut bacteria diversity

Meet this week’s guest: Christina Tsai, PhD

Christina Tsai is the head of research and development at Thryve. She earned a Ph.D in Biological Chemistry from Texas A&M University, and a post-doctoral fellowship in Bioengineering from Stanford University. Before joining Thryve she was the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of a company called Epibiome. At Thryve she develops microbiome profiling tests, and formulated Thryve’s probiotic blends.

Web Links:

Thryve’s Website:  Thryve.com

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