Episode #162: Jared Iversen - How Jared Healed Using Hypnosis, Meditation and Tapping

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Jared used hypnosis and tapping to undo the subconscious worldview that was keeping him from wellness
  • Why he was able to heal from Lyme Disease when he started looking at his health more holistically
  • The 9 principals that help people heal from chronic illness

Meet this week’s guest: Jared Iversen

Jared Iversen is a writer who lives in New York City. He was bitten by a tick when he was a teenager, and though he was tested for Lyme it came up negative. So he went to college – and fell ill.

He was ill for several years after that, but found a turning point when he finally faced the reality of his disease, took responsibility for his health – and took a step back from medical treatment to focus on the mental and emotional roadblocks that were preventing him from getting healthy.

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