Episode 144: New Book - Overcoming Lyme Disease

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Why the best way to heal from Lyme disease is to treat it like cancer
  • How the CDC’s so called “Dearborn Stunt” ruined Lyme testing for decades
  • And how lyme disease behaves similarly to the aids virus

Meet This Week’s Guest, Jennifer Heath:

Jennifer Heath is the Bestselling author of “Over-coming Lyme Disease” She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

As a leader on the Lyme Disease and Co-Infections group on Facebook and on her blog Jennifer coaches and inspires Lyme patients all over the world by sharing what they can do from home to heal and where they should go for help.

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Mackay Rippey

I practice acupuncture in Clinton, NY, a small village in the geographical center of the state. Once I became aware of Lyme and other insect carried diseases, I started seeing my chronic patients in an entirely different light. Join me as I speak with the the most fascinating people in the Lyme community. If you know someone I should interview, let me know.

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