In this episode you will learn:

  • How Lyme disease almost wrecked Ed’s quest for a college degree
  • How Ed finally got the help he needed
  • Ed’s cutting edge work on the frontier of bioinformatics for Lyme disease

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Meet This Week’s Guest, Ed Messick

Ed Messick was bitten by a tick in 8th grade – and he was originally diagnosed with mono. It seemed to be under control until a traumatic event on top of a highly stressful point in his college career which lead him to not only feel terrible, but also not take care of himself in a way that would help him regain his health. He eventually dropped out of Pharmacy School.

After suffering from chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression and rapid weight loss. His primary care physician did give him a lyme diagnosis but when he went to the top infectious disease doctor in NJ he was told he didn’t have Lyme Disease.

He was able to get In 2016 he graduated from NJ institute of technology with a masters in Bioinformatics and today he works as a bioinformation analyst for a genomics company in New Jersey.

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